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" This is a Kansas City Shuffle. They look right…And you… go left. Sorry about that, son. Sometimes there’s more to life than just living. Besides… you can’t have a Kansas City Shuffle without a body. ” 
- Mr. Goodkat 
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Why do I feel like the words this scene from Lucky Number describes the entirety of the underbelly of criminals on The Brave site? Also, if somebody’s seen this movie, they should totally make a Mr. Goodkat inspired Fixer character. 
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"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. "
 —- Helen Keller

Right now, I’m trying to find a feeling for my second character prompt, and I found called “A List of Feeling Words”. It has a good amount of words in each section of feelings, and I thought it might be helpful just in case you guys need something to be inspired by for more prompts!

Here it is!

 I’m looking at the canons, and there’s so many that I’d like to take. Of course, I’m going to try refraining myself from making a billion characters all at once when it comes to canons and original characters (which probably won’t happen?).
ANOTHER MIXED TAPE — For those trying not to give up hope; a natural progression between having a ray of hope, and then slowly hanging by a thread on the notion. 

1. The Unclouded Day by Audra Mae | 2. Better Than New by Ramin Djawadi | 3. Chopin Etude Op.10 No.8 in E Major | 4. A Gentle Awakening by JD McPherson | 5. Modigliani by Thomas Newman | 6. All of This & Heaven Too by Florence + The Machine | 7. Projections by Hans Zimmer | 8. Mako by Ramin Djawadi  

Alda is very much human, but has Synthetic parents. 
She was made the old fashioned way, but her parents decided to become synthetics because they didn’t want to die from whatever disease(s) would show up in their lives down the road. 
After that, they had her younger sister through vitro fertilization.  
Before turning 18, she made the choice to live a normal life until the age of 40 (or possibly longer. Not sure yet), knowing of the consequences when it came to her own social standing.  
Alda doesn’t hate Synthetics, because she obviously loves her family. But so far, she isn’t sure if she wants to live forever or not. 
Her parents don’t get it, and neither does her sister. They just think Alda is kind of odd in that aspect. But at the same time, her parents don’t bug her about it too much, since they’ve given up on asking what her final decision is when it comes to going undergoing cytrometamorphosis. 
Alda had a feeling she’d have some sort of career within the investigative line with her constant questioning of everything, why people did what they did, and always wanting to know what was going on with the world.  She liked to pick at sort of thing. 
Eventually, she went into investigative journalism once she was a part of her college’s online news blog. Being nosy was admittingly fun for her, especially if she could have her voice heard despite where she stood in people’s eyes. 
She’s made a few enemies throughout her time as a investigative journalist, especially within a authoritative and powerful job description (ex. cops, ceos of companies). 
But her main focuses for her career became serious crimes and corporate wrongdoing. 
She especially will write about the extremist group Horus (aka Bloody Ten). They killed a few of her relatives 2 years ago during November 5th.  
Then she’s recently got her interests peaked in Rykker - Hoffman Medical when one of their employees (who was going to be a whistle blower) gave her a few, yet tiny pieces of information concerning  the answer to cellular regeneration before winding up dead in their home (which looked like a random burglary gone wrong). The messages were crytpic, but Alda figured it was probably an employee of theirs after that. 
Then Alda started to think that they might be after her next. So she went to a private investigator for some help, since she figured that it could be low key? 
Alda is supportive of human rights, and synthetic rights, but to a point. It’d be complicated to be on the picketing lines because then both sides would beat her up for not being on just one side.
She just sees both sides from both their perspectives, which again, might make some enemies as well. It might look like indecisiveness to most, but it’s not. Alda just knows how it is for her parents and sister, and wants them to have the same rights as she currently does. 
Alda tends be called Fitz a lot as a nickname.

Flipping through the old articles from the 2020’s to the early 2030’s Kaiju battles, Rita’s eyes skimmed the paragraph of words, and focused more on the photographs, studying with much intent as she tried to find which Kaiju she had or hadn’t fought back before her accident in the Conn - Pod. A few of them, like the Ragnarok, were battles that she could remember, watching them fall down with brute force by a Jaeger’s hand.  
However, as she flipped through more paper clippings, a particular photograph of a Kaiju had caught her attention, its rough surfaced skin making her stop to relish sourly of the memory of the sight again.  Named after the Chinese water god and sea monster for its destructive behavior, Kanghui  was extremely aggressive Catagory IIII monster who had the audacity to wake the entire world up — and the PPDC — with its thunderous roar, wanting to tear everything to shreds with its claws and to strike fear into everybody’s heart. 
It had also been the first Kaiju that she had ever went up against with her co - pilot Steve, and her team. 
“Kanghui…how could I forget your face. You were such a pain in the ass in the bring down,” Rita said, slightly scowling to herself. “It took us a while to kill you. But boy, did you put up a good fight." Besides its long, boney claws and crazy set of teeth, Kanghui also had a stinger that released acid with each strike, which made it a difficult task to chop off until Mischa and Paul used their Jaeger’s sword while Rita and Steve tried holding it down; and while it was happening, the Kaiju had her heart almost jumping out of her chest, which was something that she wished her co - pilot didn’t have to experience with her when they had been trying to take the Kaiju down. Yet he had been the one to calm her down after a mere couple of minutes, which was something that she couldn’t easily forget, especially when it was their first time going up against something that came straight out of everybody’s nightmares. 
It had taken them a while to take down; evading their every move, going under water when they were questioning where it had gone. Dealing with that took an hour, while the rest of the battle took what felt like an eternity. But in the end, they had all taken Kanghui down, connecting as a team and what would be the start of a small secondly family for everybody for a while. 
The thought made Rita smirk and shake her head as she thought about where everybody else was doing now, and about how Steve was close by, even everything that they had been through. Then her thoughts went to how she thought for a long time that he wouldn’t want to be near another Jaeger again, knowing that he had to feel the intensity of her emotions on a whole new level when the electricity surged throughout her body. But the man was too damn proud that he was a Ranger at one point in his life, not wanting to swim in the sorrows and to move on with his life. She had wanted to do the same thing, which was why she had become a Neural Bridge Operator in the first place, clinging onto the fact that it would make the life that she used to have a faded old memory. 
However, her therapist thought that she was using the job to relive how she used to feel being a Ranger, and that she secretly wanted to be in their shoes. To be truthful, every single word was true to her ears. Watching each and every pilot had Rita wearing a mask of deception, having to show off a smile when she told somebody that she didn’t totally miss her former career when they asked. Then it had her wishing for something that she could never have again, which made her hate herself for pitying her life and how much her envious nature wanted to seep through her very core and out of the pores of her skin. 
But Rita dismissed her entire thought process away as quickly as it had came, biting the inside of her cheek for two seconds. She then started blinking at picture of Kanghui as the memory of battling it came back to her once more, finally letting her fingers push the other side of the page to look at more clippings just in case anybody thought of questioning if she was okay or not.


So I was thinking of what to do with my character Alda Fitzgerald (Rinko Kikuchi), who’d either be a synthetic or organic, and I was thinking of doing something like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I’ve seen the Swedish version, and have read the books)? At least have that sort of vibe to it? I know for sure that I want Alda to have to need the assistance of a private detective, who I imagine to be kind of like Booker from Bioshock Infinite when it comes to his personality.

I’m thinking of having her be a investigative journalist who gets mixed up the in Evolution subplot when an employee from the Rykker-Hoffman Medical gives her bits and pieces of their secrets before this person gets killed. So Alda has to go to this detective to kind of put the puzzle together on what’s really going on, and who killed the employee. There’ll most likely be a lot of “I want to punch you in the face” moments thrown in there as well, because I’m sure the detective would blame Alda for bringing him into her mess. Ha ha.

So if anybody is interested in making this detective for me (which is who I’d want first), and probably somebody from Rykker - Hoffman trying to find out what Alda knows, then send me a PM, and we can discuss things over AIM (if I can remember my username and password…as you can tell, I rarely go on it), or on another chat program. I think it’d be really fun to play out, and I’d love to see where this idea goes in the future.