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November 17th, 1970  - March 29th, 2010
Cause of Death : Carbon Monoxide poisoning (in her house)

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity." 
— William Penn
[ Song ] : Debussy: Rêverie 

Norma always had her moments of seclusion from time to time outside of the Estate, only disappearing for a few hours before coming back into the tiny chunk of woods that seemed to be tucked away. She didn’t really like being cooped up in her room all day, and being alone in the woods gave her a moment to indulge in whatever memories she could pick out, or to let her finger tips go over the scars on her shoulder from her death with a gentle touch. 
It was also another way to be able to breathe on her own without anybody silently trying to question if there was anything behind the action (although, it wasn’t too often that it happened. Only with certain occupants that seemed to want to create a reason for it). 
But mostly, it was a way for her to create her own piece of heaven; a memory of sorts that she could recollect when the decades were starting to wear down on her. And normally, Norma was not the one to wrap herself up in the woods alone. Yet she didn’t want to end up disappearing one day just like everybody else who lost themselves did, wanting to keep her sanity in check above anything else by making her escape there.


is it too early to start planning a second character? because I have another in mind already and I’m excited. 

 I don’t think it’s too early! If you have the inspiration for another character, go for it. :D

[ X ]
Norma Karen James — WASP Pilot 
February 19th, 1906 - November 5th, 1944
Cause of Death: Plane Crash 

Needing a change in her mundane life during the WWII, Norma had quit her job as a librarian and volunteered to be a pilot, remembering how much her brother loved watching them flying in the sky before he passed away. So she joined WAFS — and later WASP — being with them until her plane crashed into the ocean after it was shot down while she was transporting some cargo. 
Now it’s been decades since her death, and Norma has no idea why she’s still around. At least, that’s what she keeps on telling herself. If anybody asked her why, she’d say that she’s gotten a little too comfortable with the luxuries of the Estate. Of course, deep down in her heart, Norma knows that she’s afraid of welcoming death again, already having to do it once before when she died in 1944.