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a day in the life of a roleplayer

  • roleplayer: *looks at muse*
  • muse: *looks at roleplayer*
  • roleplayer: no.
  • muse: yes.
  • roleplayer: don't you fucking dare.
saffron monroe . mystery novelist . 30 years old . elevator accident. lost soul 

If anything, Saffron always thought she’d die by a overenthusiastic fan who was inspired by the murders in her books, or even by a something as natural as old age itself. However, when she was went into the elevator at her apartment, the cables and the drum support assembly broke free, sending her crashing down to her untimely death. Ever since then, Saffron has worked at Bruges’ bookstore, wanting to surround herself with something familiar and what always brought her a sense of comfort through just about anything. 
 [ b. 1980 - d. 2010 ]

1. A Gentle Awakening by JD McPherson | 2. Rocks & Water by Deb Talan | 3. Suicide Medicine by Rocky Votolato | 4. I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab by Cutie | 5. All This and Heaven Too by Florence + The Machine | 6. Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars | 7. Beginnings by Houses | 8. Death is the Road to Awe by Clint Mansell 
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! “While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." —- Leonardo Da Vinci 

name: Nicole
timezone: Central
favorite pbs: Stana Katic, Lucy Liu, Rinko Kikuchi, Anna Torv, Noomi Rapace, Simon Pegg, Simon Baker,  Rachel Weisz, Lizzy Caplan, Oona Chaplin, and Marion Cotillard. I usually don’t play male characters often, but I’ve used their faces before, and they were my favorites; and I’m planning on using Sydney LaFaire (I’ve wanted to use her face for a while now). I usually play women in their 30’s - 40’s, but there’s sometimes an exception.
the worst way to die: Hmmm. I have to say either dying in my sleep, bleeding out, or being set on fire.
If train A is traveling west at 40 mph, then how much time is left?: image

I think it depends on how long you think it takes. It can be either forever, or a short time (especially if you fall asleep on the train. Ha ha).



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name: Nicole
timezone: Central
last movie watched: I don’t think watching Jeff Dunham : Arguing with Myself counts, since it was just a show that he had done. But I think the last movie I watched was Thor.
favorite song:
I could give you a list of songs that I love. However, right now, I’m pretty much obsessed with all of JD McPherson’ songs. If you like that rockabilly 50’s sort of music, then you guys should totally check him out. He was a punk rock singer before he switched over to what he sings now.
favorite faces: Stana Katic, Lucy Liu, Rinko Kikuchi, Anna Torv, Noomi Rapace, Simon Pegg, Simon Baker,  Rachel Weisz, Lizzy Caplan, Oona Chaplin, Marion Cotillard, and Sydney LaFaire. I usually don’t play male characters often, but I’ve used their faces before, and they were my favorites.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Could you please suggest some tips and/or guides on starting a bio RP? Thanks x


Well, bio RP’s are not as difficult as they look and can be quite fun! It’s my favorite kind, here are some helpful links for your journey. I used my own masterlists links to find ones that were best for a bio RP.

Promoting & Tagging

RPHBYDAY- How to promo like a Beast

GLEEHELPERS: How to properly promote

POSHHELPERS: How to Create and Run a Successful Promo Blog

SNSDHELPS: How To Get your Roleplay Some Attention

IRANT-RPC: Guide: Advertising Your Roleplay

Setting up an Application page and rejecting applications.

POSHHELPERS: How to Create a Killer Application (in order to find just the right person to play your precious baby)

THETROLLIESTCRITIC: How To Reject Auditions (If You’re A Blunt Person)

POTTERRPH: This is a tutorial for people who like me hate rejecting apps.

SMASHLEIGHRPS: How to make an ‘Applications’ folder in your inbox

RPCGRON: How to: Decide whether or not to accept an application; AKA what to look for in an application (requested by anonymous)

❆ How to Write

Writing original characters (for fandom RP’s that you need to add new characters, and to supply your applicants)

❆ Writing a lot

❆ Template

❆ Names

❆  Personality traits

❆ Faceclaims and diversity

❆ Extras:

Quirks/jobs and what not.

Name/Alias: Nicole

Timezone: Central

What are you most excited about (re: the site)? 

I’m pretty much excited about everything, really! It sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, there’s going to be spies and superheroes in it, so I’m totally in!

Favourite Superhero?

Hmmm. There’s a few that I think are awesome; like Nightcrawler, Iron Man (added bonus: RDJ), and The Bowler (from Mystery Men, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love that movie). Those are the ones that I could list on the top of my head.